Presidential Campaign March Madness


Ok, so it’s not really like a fancy NCAA March Madness bracket. Cruz is declared and other candidates are approaching the starting gate. After all, the Iowa caucuses are just 9 months away, and the actual election is only 19 month away! For a little perspective, John F. Kennedy announced his 1960 candidacy in January 1960, and his brother Robert announced his in March 1968. Is the system so much better now with all the caucuses and primaries, endless television debates and non-stop talking heads on 24-hour news channels? Continue reading

New York — What a great state for a party!

New York – What a Great State for a Party!

A political party, that is.

The Election Law of the State of New York provides that any organization that can petition its way on to a gubernatorial election ballot and receive at least 50,000 votes for its candidate for governor, is a party in New York State for the next four years. So now in 2015, fresh off last year’s election for governor, we have eight political parties in the state. Continue reading

Welcome to Politics and Other Stuff

Why another blog?

Welcome to Politics and Other Stuff!

So here goes. Your humble blogger has had a great interest in politics for nearly 50 years (dating myself here), since the end of high school. There were many years in my life when I was a very active participant in the world of politics. Everything from envelop stuffing to campaign management. From the local council level to presidential campaigns. On the Democratic side. A whole lot of politicians worked for, fought against, had a beer with. Continue reading