Catching up on some stuff — Obamacare bounce back; some books; No. 24; and a dead rat

Obamacare issues

A previous post (“King v. Burwell: Will Obamacare Survive?” March 31, 2015, posted below) noted the run-up to the anticipated Supreme Court decision in June about whether residents of states that have not set up state exchanges for the purchase of medical insurance under the Affordable Care Act will qualify for federal subsidies to help pay for their insurance coverage. If the Court rules for plaintiff King, then residents of 27 states will lose their subsidies and many likely will not be able to afford their insurance. Continue reading

Presidential campaign politics and baseball teams

Baseball season is finally here. Compared to football and hockey, watching baseball is a pretty serene and calming activity.

One of the late George Carlin’s funnier and non-profane skits concerned comparing the differences between baseball and football. “In baseball you play on a diamond, in a park. In football you play on the gridiron, at the stadium, sometimes called War Memorial Stadium.   … In football you are concerned about ‘downs.’ In baseball, you discuss who’s ‘up.’” And so forth. Continue reading