Lawyering Up

There are interesting developments in the Pigeon-Casey-Grant story.

When the principals’ homes were searched last Thursday it appeared that this is a State Attorney General investigation and that the FBI was sort of just along for the ride. But now with U.S. Attorney William Hochul announcing that he had recused himself and having placed Assistant US Attorney James Kennedy in charge of the case we know that this is both a federal and state investigation. Steve Casey’s attorney confirmed that on Channel 2 on Friday.

The other amazing development is the lawyering up that is occurring on this matter. We can all probably identify several of Buffalo’s superstar defense lawyers. We can name them better than we could name the starting lineup of the Buffalo Sabres. We see them representing clients on major cases that attract substantial media attention with saturation coverage on TV, on the radio and in the News.

Usually, though, these superstars work one to a case. Having them all involved in one legal matter is extraordinary. Consider this lineup:

  • Steve Pigeon – represented by Dennis Vacco and Paul Cambria
  • Steve Casey – represented by Rod Personius
  • Chris Grant – represented by Thomas Eoannou
  • Tim Kennedy – represented by Terry Connors
  • Kristi Mazurek – represented by Joel Daniels

I hope I’m not leaving anyone out.

To repeat the obvious, Pigeon, Casey and Grant have not been arrested, indicted or charged with any crime. They have the legal right to defend themselves and to retain the best attorney they can find or afford. But these superstar lawyers don’t usually appear in the same legal matter together, so all this strongly suggests that the investigation is very S-E-R-I-O-U-S.

Given the inclusion of Congressman Chris Collins’ chief of staff in this investigation, the story has drawn some in-the-beltway attention. Here are links to stories that have appeared on Politico and Roll Call websites:

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  2. Knowing these scoundrels all too well, these lawyers might want to get their money up front!


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