A look at Steve Pigeon’s WNY Progressive Caucus

The weather may be up and down around here, but the political atmosphere is getting pretty hot. Just when it looked like the 2015 local political scene would be unbelievably boring, along comes Pigeongate. Snaky political intrigue, money thrown around everywhere, politicos running to the best superstar defense attorneys that they can hire – this story certainly rates a “-gate” suffix. Continue reading

Lawyering Up

There are interesting developments in the Pigeon-Casey-Grant story.

When the principals’ homes were searched last Thursday it appeared that this is a State Attorney General investigation and that the FBI was sort of just along for the ride. But now with U.S. Attorney William Hochul announcing that he had recused himself and having placed Assistant US Attorney James Kennedy in charge of the case we know that this is both a federal and state investigation. Steve Casey’s attorney confirmed that on Channel 2 on Friday. Continue reading