The Brown for Family Court committee financial disclosures — so what happens now?

The post on this blog last Thursday, “Team Pigeon back together for a judicial race”; Alan Bedenko’s post Monday; and Bob McCarthy’s article in the News on Saturday all indicate, in one form or another, questions with the financial disclosure report filed with the State Board of Elections by the Brown for Family Court committee for the Michele Brown campaign. The Brown committee problems also exist for the committee of Clarence Town Supervisor David Hartzell and West Seneca town supervisor candidate Christine Bove. So the question is, what happens now? Continue reading

Team Pigeon back together for a judicial race; some other interesting stuff from financial disclosures

July 15th was the deadline for local and state elected officials and political candidates to submit financial disclosure forms for their past six months of political financial activity. Diving into that data is almost like opening Christmas presents for political aficionados. While there have been some legal distractions the past few weeks, Team Pigeon seems to have gotten back together for at least one gig. The strange thing though, it isn’t to challenge Mark Poloncarz or to attempt to take control of the Erie County Legislature. The band is back together for a Family Court race. Continue reading