New County Court Judge to be lacks Bar Association rating

The 2015 election cycle has been not much of anything so far. And it may continue to be such.

Ray Walter is reportedly still a candidate for Erie County Executive. If anyone has seen any positions papers, press releases, etc. please share them with the rest of us.

There are still a couple county legislative seats that are being hotly contested and there are several town primaries, particularly in Cheektowaga where everyone seems to be running for everything, with old loyalties not necessarily being honored. The only significant campaign activity so far this year is with the judicial races.

There will be two new Supreme Court judges elected in the 8th Judicial District plus a new Family Court Judge and two Erie County Court Judges. The news at the moment on these races concerns the ratings of the Erie County Bar Association. Continue reading

Hillary Clinton’s problems; the national Democratic Party’s problems; plus, how right-wing is the 2016 Republican Party?

Things are moving along in the 2016 presidential sweepstakes. Candidates are all visiting the full-sized buttered cow at the Iowa State Fair.  Millions of dollars are being raised and spent.  The talking heads on TV are going into overdrive.

The focus so far has been on the Republican field of candidates. More on that later in this post.  This article is mostly about the Democratic field, such as it is.  And also, what that field says about the state of the national Democratic Party going into 2016. Continue reading

Making the Water Authority a county department could save money

A previous post (May 19, “I’m shocked, shocked that politics is going on here”) discussed the operations of the Erie County Water Authority (ECWA) and suggested that the Authority be transformed into a department of Erie County government. This post provides some information about how such action could save real money for the people and businesses that currently get their water from the ECWA. Continue reading

Justice Department pursues political cases

“There’s something happening here, what it is ain’t exactly clear…”

On July 7th I referred to an article from the Washington Post that reported a political operative in the State of Virginia had been found guilty of creating a super PAC and then coordinating its activities with the campaign he was working on. He lied about his activity to the FBI. He admitted in court, according to the Post, that he paid $138,000 to his mother for work not performed and used campaign cash for personal expenses. He will serve two years in prison. Continue reading

The greatest show on Earth

This week Thursday, August 6th, we will get to see 58.8 percent of the 17 major declared Republican candidates participate in first debate of the 2016 presidential election cycle. It should be quite a show.

I have previously confessed to my Democratic Party affiliation, so I hope my Republican friends and readers will bear with me here. But if you cannot, I understand, and I hope that you will come back to the next post, which will not be on this subject. I’ll get something together on the Democrats too when they get a debate scheduled. Continue reading