To see the benefit of upsizing the Hamburg town board, look at Pigeon’s activities in West Seneca; a Patrick Kane moment

The Hamburg Town Board on September 18th authorized a town referendum on Election Day to determine whether the Board should revert to five members rather than its current three.  Activist Kevin Gaughan is already challenging the Board and, by reference at least, the citizen-activists whose petitioning encouraged the Board to put the referendum on the ballot.  Hamburg is one of five Erie County towns that bought into Gaughan’s board downsizing proposals several years ago. Continue reading

John Boehner is taking one for the country, but Republican politics have just gotten more complicated

While doing government relations work for Canisius College I attended a couple meetings in Washington where John Boehner spoke. I may not have agreed with a whole lot of his politics, but he struck me as a decent and honest person. He is not a flame-thrower. He has worked with Democrats, including particularly the late Senator Ted Kennedy on education reform. Being decent and willing to compromise has now led to his resignation. Continue reading

Move on, nothing to see here – more political shenanigans in Cheektowaga

What would an election cycle be in Erie County without another round of hide-the-money.

Alan Bedenko on the Daily Public site yesterday detailed some things about the Right Democratic Team in Cheektowaga’s just completed Democratic primary.  The committee has a connection to Frank Max.  Max has been an affiliate of Team Pigeon, and has obviously picked up some bad habits from that group. Continue reading

The Pope, Congress and a presidential campaign

With all the crazy obsession about Donald Trump, it is hard to think of something to top that media frenzy. Enter Pope Francis, stage left.

CNN had a new poll out Sunday that showed Trump fading a bit but we are not done with all that stuff just yet. What that poll shows, as I noted in last week’s post, is that the outsider/right-wing dominates the Republican Party. The poll numbers of Trump, Fiorina, Carson and Cruz combined total 60 percent Republican support. Add in Rand Paul and Mike Huckabee’s numbers and you have 69 percent. The “establishment” side of the candidate field (Bush, Rubio, Christie, Kasich) is right near the 20 percent or so that those candidates showed in last week’s Fox News numbers. Scott Walker leaves the race as hardly a blimp on the radar screen. His former opponents are going after his donors more than his voters. Continue reading

The Republican presidential stage will soon shrink; will WNY Republican leaders move on to other choices?

The second round of 2016 Republican presidential debates is now history. This is certainly looking like one of those TV reality shows that drop contestants as the weeks go on.

I saw a portion of the second tier/happy hour debate that preceded the main event. Rick Perry dropped out last week. Jim Gilmore was not invited to participate. Lindsey Graham is knowledgeable and entertaining. George Pataki presented himself well.   The fact is, though, that in a 16 candidate field, candidates who are drawing less than one percent in national polls are not going to raise money, organize a campaign or develop a following. We have seen the last of the two-tiered debates, whether any of these candidates want to hang on or not. Continue reading

Upsizing the Hamburg Town Board makes sense; the minor minor parties add ballot positions

The Buffalo News yesterday reported on the efforts of Hamburg resident Barbara Rogers and others who are seeking to “upsize” the Hamburg Town Board to five members from the current three. Ms. Rogers has presented a petition with more than 500 signatures on it, requesting the current Board to put the upsize proposition on this November’s ballot. The board members, it has been suggested, had previously supported that effort, and from what I have heard so did the party organizations in the town. Continue reading