Some other stuff — Go Bills!

My wife recently pointed out to me that this blog is called Politics and Other Stuff. Sophia wanted to know where the “other stuff” has been.

Sophia has a point – the politics part of this blog has sort of dominated the articles. But today is the start of football season, so it is a great time to mention some other stuff.

I was not much impressed when Rex Ryan coached the Jets. My anti-coach feelings did not rise to the level of a Jimmy Johnson or a Bill Belichick, but Ryan was certainly someone to root against. But no more.

Rex Ryan seems like the perfect fit for Buffalo and the Bills. He is brash but it sounds better when he speaks like a Buffalonian.

The team has a whole lot of talent. The defense will be more dominant than last year, and there is a lot to recommend the offense too. Tyrod Taylor will be an exciting player to watch.

So an hour or so before the kickoff of the 2015 season, here is my take on it: Bills go 11-5. Get in the playoffs as a wild card and make it to the divisional round. Better things will come in 2016.

That being said, I like what Kyle Williams said in the News this morning. Getting in the playoffs is not enough. We want the AFC East; the American Conference championship; the Super Bowl. The feeling is back in this town. Go Bills!