Move on, nothing to see here – more political shenanigans in Cheektowaga

What would an election cycle be in Erie County without another round of hide-the-money.

Alan Bedenko on the Daily Public site yesterday detailed some things about the Right Democratic Team in Cheektowaga’s just completed Democratic primary.  The committee has a connection to Frank Max.  Max has been an affiliate of Team Pigeon, and has obviously picked up some bad habits from that group.

Although he is no longer Democratic chair in Cheektowaga Max maintains his long standing organization, the Progressive Democrats. As Alan points out, Max has been around long enough to know what he is doing or not doing. What he has most recently not done is to file the legally required 10-Day Post Primary financial disclosure with the state Board of Elections.

Max is apparently also a major benefactor of another shadowy political organization, the Right Democratic Team. The committee was formed to support three specific candidates in the September 10th Democratic primary (Magierski, Adamczyk, Kaminski). The Right Democratic Team exists on paper with the state BOE and filed one disclosure statement reporting revenues of $125 from unspecified sources.

Except that other financial reports indicate the following receipts:

  • $1,000 from the Progressive Democrats
  • $500 for Cheektowaga supervisor candidate Alice Magierski
  • $1,000 from Cheektowaga council candidate Steven Specyal
  • $500 from Cheektowaga council candidate Jerry Kaminski
  • $240 from Cheektowaga council candidate Christine Adamczyk
  • $35 from Family Court candidate Brenda Freedman, which Freedman’s committee reports was later returned

So receipts for the Right Democratic Team were $3,285 plus the reported $125. Who knows whether those are the total receipts and where that money went.  It is not a monumental amount if that is all there is, but we do not know that, and the law has not been followed.

Family Court update

The primary elections gave Republican Brenda Freedman five lines on the election ballot, and she may have a sixth if the Reform Party certificate of nominations holds up. Democrat Kelly Brinkworth has her party’s line plus maybe the Women’s Equality Party through a certificate of nomination. But the WEP has not organized itself under rules required by the Election Law and therefor does not really exist.

Brinkworth’s 10-Day Post Primary reports says that she has $8,407 left in her campaign account at the moment while Freedman has $10,658. With just six weeks left until Election Day there is going to be a whole lot of fundraising going on for this race.

The third candidate in the Democratic and Republican primaries for Family Court was Michele Brown, who was supported by various elements of Team Pigeon. Brown and her husband loaned the campaign committee $260,000. She received a total of 7,233 votes on the Democratic and Republican ballots. That comes out to $35.95 per vote.

The other interesting tidbit from the Family Court financial disclosures was the money spent by the Brinkworth and Brown campaigns with the organizations led by Arthur Eve Jr. and Maurice Garner. Eve’s Unity Coalition received $10,000 from the Brinkworth commitee. Garner received $10,200 from the Brown campaign.

There will be more to come on the Family Court race.