Can’t anybody here play this game?

The late Yogi Berra is credited with all kinds of interesting sayings (“when you come to a fork in the road, take it”; “nobody goes there nowadays, it’s too crowded”). But Yogi’s old manager, Casey Stengel, had some good ones too. One from 1962 when his Mets were losing all the time seems particularly appropriate these days when observing Republican politics. “Can’t anybody here play this game?”

I hope my Republican friends can forgive me a small dose of schadenfreude. Ok, maybe a large dose. It is sort of incredible to watch what is going on in the presidential campaign and in the House of Representatives. Continue reading

The Supreme Court’s new term; a look into the future of confirmation hearings

The Supreme Court’s 2015-16 term began this past Monday. There are several major cases pending that will probably have a major impact on federal law and policy on affirmative action, public employee unions, Obamacare and other matters.

We currently have a Court that includes one justice who is 82 and three others in their late seventies. We had a pope resign, so it would not be so startling to see one or more justices resign. Lifetime appointments, however, sometimes encourage people to hang on to something long after it would make sense to most people to leave. Continue reading

There’s nothing happening here; an update on campaign finances; Sedita’s money dilemma

Does anyone know that there is an election going on?

Ray Walter, the Republican candidate for county executive, issued his second position paper of the entire campaign this week. We could get a little more excited if it was not basically the same statement he issued on September 8th. He did move the site of his news availability, however, from the front of the Rath Building to the gates of the Huntley Station. Continue reading