The Right to Vote

by Steve Banko

Another Veterans’ Day has come and gone and with it, all the spoken plaudits about how appreciative society is for the service of current and former service members.  Gone also will be the pap about thanking vets for the freedom we enjoy.  One of the most important freedoms is the right to vote.  In many states in our country, that right is being limited and diminished in shameful acts of political expediency.  Thankfully, New York is not one of those states. Nonetheless, people don’t vote.  Ask Kelly Brinkworth about people not voting.  Some would rather bitich and complain about so-and-so after they are elected.  Too many of the gripers are those most apathetic about voting.

So if you are grateful for the service and sacrifice of veterans, one of the best ways to say “thank you for your service” is to exercise a freedom many have died for, a freedom that is slowly eroding in our country.

Steve Banko is a highly decorated veteran of the Vietnam War.  His working career included service with city, state and federal governments.

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