Update on the speculation post — Franczyk out; Rogowski in; a Maziarz candidate for Assembly?

Last week’s post got into some speculation about local political issues. Here are some updates:

  • Tim Franczyk will not be a candidate for District Attorney this year. Franczyk, currently a County Court Judge, notified party leaders Tuesday that he has decided to remain on the bench.
  • The spotlight for a DA candidate now shifts to Tonawanda Town Attorney John Flynn. Flynn is a former assistant DA and Town of Tonawanda Judge, and has also served as a military reservist attorney for many years.
  • Interim DA Michael Flaherty continues to set up his campaign, both politically and through what he has discussed thus far as his plans for the office. He announced various staff shuffles on Monday and is suggesting that he may re-open some cases previously avoided by his predecessor, Frank Sedita. You might almost think Flaherty thinks Sedita did not do a good job.
  • It will be interesting to see if Flaherty and his new Public Integrity Unit choose to spend any resources on the State Election Law, considering that violations of that law are practically a cottage industry in Erie County.
  • Flaherty has scheduled a January 11th fundraiser. That is the cut-off date for receipts that must be reported on the mid-January state campaign financial report. Added to the money he already raised in November, that will give him a nice boost to get the campaign rolling. Hope the assistant DA’s have a few dollars left after Christmas.
  • A story heard on the street – Democratic Cheektowaga Town Councilman Jim Rogowski will be a candidate for Assembly in the 143rd District (Cheektowaga, Lancaster). Whether incumbent Republican Angela Wozniak runs for re-election may depend on how the ethics issue concerning sexual harassment charges against her is resolved.
  • Looks like former State Senator George Maziarz may have his candidate to go against former Maziarz ally Assemblyman John Ceretto. Ceretto switched from the Republican to the Democratic Party last year.  Angelo Morinello, who was age-retired off the Niagara Falls City Court bench last week, announced that he will seek the seat held by Ceretto. Maziarz has lots of campaign funds available.  Will he find ways to channel some of it to Morinello?