Bernie and Donald — similarities and differences

To wrap up observations of my trip south, I added one more event to my South Carolina journey. Just when I thought my “storm-chasing” had come to an end following the completion of the Republican presidential primary, Bernie Sanders literally came into town. While watching Meet the Press on Sunday morning I saw that Sanders was in Columbia, less than 10 miles from where I was staying. A little investigation determined that he would be having an event in Greenville, about an hour and a half away. So with some time available before my evening flight back home, off my daughter Gen and I went to Greenville. A great opportunity to “feel the Bern.” Continue reading

The two Republican parties battle it out in South Carolina

February 20, 2016, 8 AM.

Columbia, South Carolina

I have a number of friends who are enrolled with the Republican Party.  I enjoy their friendships.  But never in my life have I spent so short of a time (3 days) with so many Republicans — probably 11-12,000.  I have really found my political tour of South Carolina to be very educational and entertaining.  I might not be saying that if my political affiliation was an “R.” Continue reading

South Carolina: This week’s center of the political universe

February 17, 2016

Columbia, SC

Today started my political tour of South Carolina.  I cannot say that anything surprised me much, but it did confirm some previous assumptions taken from newspapers and television.

I just missed Bernie Sanders, who was in Columbia yesterday.  For the rest of the week he and Hillary Clinton will be preoccupied with the Democratic caucus taking place in Nevada on Saturday.  That looks like it is going to be close. Continue reading

DA and legislative seat campaign line-ups are coming together, but who supports whom?; Carolina on my mind

It’s only mid-February, 9 months before Election Day, but the contenders for District Attorney and certain competitive state legislative seats are already coming into focus. Except for the Democratic Party endorsement for John Flynn for DA on Saturday, the other races are still unsettled in terms of who is supporting whom. Continue reading