Kemp protege Paul Ryan is morphing into a Trumpkin

Every now and then a new politician bursts onto the scene and gets lots of people excited. Think Bernie Sanders, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio. Think Paul Ryan.

Paul Ryan was a Jack Kemp protégé. He learned and believed the value of supply-side economics and what it meant to be a “bleeding heart conservative.” While there are legitimate reasons to challenge Kemp’s way of thinking, it is appropriate to believe that Jack Kemp wanted to improve the lives of more than the top one percent of the country that Republican establishment folks usually concern themselves with. (You can look at this blog’s October 13, 2015 post for more on Kemp.) Continue reading

Crunch time at ECC

At a Board of Trustees meeting earlier this week Erie Community College President Jack Quinn sounded the alarm and asked for more money from the state. For the current year, community colleges in the state receive $2,597 per full-time-equivalent student.

It looks like the Assembly and Senate will compromise somewhere between a $50 and $100 per student increase in state aid for the next fiscal year. SUNY Trustees had proposed $285. Governor Cuomo proposed $0. ECC officials, according to the Buffalo News, need an increase of $125 to match the dollars the school received from the state in 2015-16. Continue reading