Struggling financially, ECC looks to add a fourth campus — sort of

Actually, not really.

Previous posts have documented existing financial and operational problems at Erie Community  College. The audit by the State Comptroller and the activities of the school as it prepare for the 2016-17 budget paint a picture of loose spending controls, governance problems, declining enrollment and revenues, and a collection of three campuses all in need of substantial renovations. The Board of Trustees, according to the state audit, offloaded much of its oversight onto the appointed management staff. Continue reading

Some facts, speculation and heard-on-the-streets

Erie County DA

Michael Flaherty, as previously reported, has already assembled a large campaign war chest. It’s the politics that seem to be his problem.

There are continuing reports about his lack of political skills on the campaign trail. Most of us would prefer that a DA be as non-political as possible, but that really refers to activities such as appointments, handling cases and the like. What I am referring to is the give-and-take of campaigning, working a room, etc. That does not seem to be going so well for Flaherty.

John Flynn, having been a candidate before, is more comfortable with such activities. I have not really heard much about Mark Sacha’s campaign style. Continue reading