Trump has affluenza; some Reps want to try an intervention

2016 is no ordinary year. There is no precedent for the presidential election that we are living through.

Donald Trump is basically a spoiled rich kid who never grew up and who always got his way. Think of him as a more visible version of the kid from Texas who was in the news a few months back. He drove drunk into a crowd, killing four people and injuring nine others. He fled to Mexico (a bit of irony here) to avoid probation. The term “affluenza” has been used to refer to an inability to understand the consequences of one’s actions because of financial privilege. A person suffering from affluenza is someone who is not able to accept responsibility for his or her actions since his or her privileged upbringing did not teach him or her responsibility.

Donald Trump, like the kid in Texas, has affluenza. The problem is, Trump is the presumptive nominee of one of our two major political parties for President of the United States. That is the job that, among other things, gives the office holder control of the nuclear codes that could destroy the world – not to get too dramatic here. You have to think that someone in Brooklyn is working right now on an updated version of the classic 1964 LBJ presidential campaign commercial that took down Barry Goldwater.

Last week the New York Times reported on the latest rants of Trump about the federal judge who is presiding over a Trump University case in California, indicating that some Republican leaders have considered speaking with Trump’s campaign staff about an intervention with the candidate. Interventions are carried out when a person is basically out of control of their life and other people try to get that person some help. It is unlikely that Trump’s staff could pull that off.  In order to do so, those looking to improve the situation need the cooperation of the person who is demonstrating the out-of-control behavior. That is not going to happen with Donald Trump.

As a result of Trump’s doubling down on his attempts to get at the judge in question, sane people are trying to get him to dial down his aggression. Those seeking to help do not include our cheerleader Congressman, Chris Collins.

Attempts to control Trump are not working. So what’s “plan B” for the party? Mike Allen of Politico outlined suggestions for Plan B:

DUMP TRUMP? Playbook stipulates this is highly unlikely to happen. But it’s no longer unthinkable that establishment Republicans turn on Trump pre-convention, and seriously ponder a movement to deny him the nomination. Listen to Scott Walker in Wisconsin or Mitch McConnell in the Senate or friends of peeved Speaker Ryan in private, and it’s clear Trump could be one intolerant or toxic statement away from a true revolt.

Many top Republicans believe his bad habits and divisive views are incurable. He can barely make it through a day without pissing off key voting groups, or the media, or Republicans. …BUT THE CHATTER is rising …

–“Some Republicans Discuss Anti-Trump Convention Coup,” by NBC’s Vaughn Hillyard: “After nearly a week long fire storm surrounding … his attacks on a federal judge because of his Mexican heritage, … some Republicans are raising the specter that a new nominee could replace Trump. Bob Vander Plaats, a supporter and campaign co-chair of former candidate Sen. Ted Cruz, suggested that a convention coup at next month’s Republican nominating convention in Cleveland is possible.”

–“Hugh Hewitt: Accepting Trump at this point, is “like ignoring Stage IV cancer. You can’t do it, you gotta go attack it. … [T]he plane is headed towards the mountain after the last 72 hours.”

–“Trump support shrinking on Capitol Hill,” by Burgess Everett and Seung Min Kim: “As Donald Trump’s attacks on a Hispanic judge settled over Capitol Hill like a dark cloud on Tuesday, Sen. Jeff Sessions dialed up Trump’s campaign to relay mounting alarm among elected Republicans … [Trump’s] non-apology walkback failed to placate many elected Republicans …

“The anti-Trump movement is now growing rather than shrinking: At least eight GOP senators either won’t vote for Trump or have declined to back him publicly.”

Dump Trump is not going to happen. The Pottery Barn rule applies to the Republican Party here: you break it, you buy it. What is going to happen is that Republican establishment types are going to increasingly turn themselves into pretzels explaining how they are “supporting” and “voting” for Trump but they are not “endorsing” him. The more courageous Republicans will simply walk away from him.

I suppose you can support or vote for Trump without endorsing him. I have to admit that I have occasionally written in Donald Duck or Mickey Mouse for an office or two, so I voted for Donald (Duck) or Mickey without endorsing them. But then I am not the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

House Speaker Paul Ryan claims to be promoting a responsible issue-oriented Republican agenda while he endorses Trump. Trump will not give Ryan’s agenda anything more than lip service, if that.

It is fascinating to see the national Republican leadership try to explain away Trump’s vile, racist, unintelligent rants as they wait for him to “pivot” into something more “presidential.” It is not going to happen.

The Trumpkins are also forgetting something very important: all of the Trump BS is on video, on audio and in print. He can try to “pivot” until the cows come home but he cannot run away from all the hate and stupidity that he has vented. Have fun in Cleveland.