A short take on the debate; post-primary candidate financials; the judicial race — Correction posted: no Reform Party candidates for State Supreme Court

We are all overwhelmed today by the post mortems about last evening’s presidential debate, so I’m only offering my two-paragraph view of things.

Hillary Clinton did what she needed to do last evening. She showed herself to be a competent and intelligent person, with the proper temperament and judgment to be President of the United States. Her presentation should help move the few genuinely undecided plus some of the third-party candidate supporters to her side. Continue reading

The Buffalo billion; some horse-trading; an unnamed source

The billion

The full moon departed for the month several days ago, but you would never know it from all the crazy political news coming out yesterday.

The tsunami started in New York City early in the day and then rolled through Albany, Syracuse and Buffalo. Our local share of the damage came in the form of the attack on the biggest economic development effort in the region’s history, the project now affectionately known far and wide as the “Buffalo Billion.” Continue reading

Final arguments of the primary season

The state and local primary election is just one week away. That day may effectively settle things in some local races and will clarify others.

Erie County District Attorney

Most attention will be focused on the Democratic Party primary for Erie County District Attorney. The hard fought battle among John Flynn, Michael Flaherty and Mark Sacha has gotten testy and personal, particularly with the recent anti-Flynn robocalls that the Flaherty team disowns.  Such action is out of character for Mark Sacha, so some people might draw the conclusion that the only other team challenging Flynn, perhaps through some “uncoordinated committee,” had some hand in it.  The phone calls actually are something right of Steve Pigeon’s playbook, which is ironic since Pigeon is also being attacked in the calls.  Earlier in the campaign, Flaherty’s finance chairman, Jim Eagan, admitted to an amateurish prank involving a phony Flynn domain name. Continue reading

Primary results answer some questions about the November elections

Tuesday’s primary election results have likely settled a couple local campaigns while leaving one of the three highlighted campaigns to continue on to November.

John Flynn’s victory in the Democratic primary for Erie County District Attorney points to a Flynn win in November. The Democratic contest was particularly significant, given the financial resources and incumbency advantages of acting DA Michael Flaherty. The Flaherty campaign overplayed its hand right to the end, with the last minute murder indictment that the office played up big to the media. The next financial report will tell us whether Flaherty’s team was holding back money in order to repay the loans to the campaign from the candidate, his family and campaign manager Jim Eagan. Continue reading