A look at the State Supreme Court races and some other stuff

Long-time observers of the local political scene generally view this year’s election as one of the most boring in memory. The national campaign has taken up most of the energy of politics in 2016.

This observation obviously does not apply to anyone who is running for office this year or working on a local campaign. It is a challenge for them, however, to get the general population to pay attention. Continue reading

Regardless of what Trump says on November 9th, Republicans will need to confirm the election’s legitimacy

There is a good deal of speculation going on about the presidential election outcome. The polls are very favorable to Hillary Clinton. There is still one debate and three long weeks to go before the campaign ends. A bet on Clinton is looking pretty good.

Because of that, people are conjuring up what Donald Trump will say after the election. His tweets seem to indicate that he has no intention of conceding the election after his los. Everyone needs to take a deep breath: it won’t matter too much what he says or does not say on November 9th. Continue reading

Please, make it end; campaign financials

You’re traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind… Next stop, the Twilight Zone!

I am a self-admitted political junkie and have been one for a long, long time. This presidential cycle, which kicked off with Ted Cruz’s announcement in March 2015, has gone on for about 19 months. It gets more painful by the day. Please Lord, make it end! Continue reading

A look at Gary Johnson and the Libertarian Party Platform

When I think about former governors of New Mexico (I know, bear with me please), I think of Bill Richardson. Aside from his two terms as governor, Richardson also served in Congress, as Ambassador to the United Nations, Energy Secretary and negotiator on an international level. He ran for president in 2008 in the Democratic primaries but dropped out very early in the process. Continue reading