The Bills at the bye week

The Buffalo Bills have been enjoying their week off. Or as it may be known at NFL headquarters, the opportunity to stretch the NFL season an extra week and collect bigger checks from the TV networks.

Actually that has not been going so well this year. Viewership is down double digits on all the networks. The league blames the distraction of the presidential election campaign. If that were the real reason, they might consider cancelling the 2017 season, because the endless distraction of the campaign will now go into permanent overtime.

The Bills find themselves with a 4 win 5 loss record. The back-to-back defeats to New England and Seattle took all the wind out of their sails – where is former head coach Hank Bullough when you need a good turn of the phrase?

The NFL Mobile summary of playoff team possibilities has the Bills eleventh on the list of the American Conference’s 16 teams. That means they would need to climb ahead of five other teams to get to the post-season.

Here are the remaining games on the schedule and the teams’ records as of November 15th:

  • At Cincinnati (3-5-1)
  • Jacksonville (2-7)
  • At Oakland (7-2)
  • Pittsburgh (4-5)
  • Cleveland (0-10)
  • Miami (5-4)
  • At New York Jets (3-7)

Only two of the remaining games are with teams carrying a winning record. The combined records of those teams presently stand at 24/40/1.

When you look at the remaining schedule you can conjure up the possibility of the Bills winning all seven games, finishing 11-5 and getting into the playoffs.

Except for the game against Oakland.

Except for the game against Pittsburgh.

Except for the game against Miami.

Also keep in mind that as those other seven teams contemplate their remaining schedules they are not likely to be in awe of a team like the Bills that is 4 and 5. For all the team’s high priced talent, the team cannot deliver.

Marcell Dareus, the $100 million man, has missed eight of the first nine games, half of that total due to his drug-related suspension.

Star (?) receiver Sammy Watkins has played in just two games due to injuries – again. Ryan says Sammy is feeling fine, but his return to the lineup is still undetermined.

Star (?) cornerback Stephon Gilmore would have trouble winning a job with the Bishop Timon High School Tigers with his bumbling play this year.

Running back LeSean McCoy has occasionally been very effective, but he missed a game due to injury and has been of limited value in two or three other games.

Tight end Charles Clay might contribute if they could figure how to get the ball to him.

Tyrod Taylor is a great runner, but his job is quarterback. He is demonstrating his inability to pass out of the pocket or to win games in the fourth quarter.

The bobsie twins Rex and Rob keep popping up in television commercials for Dunn Tire and Tops Markets but those spots are working better than the team’s defense.

All in all, I am still comfortable with my pre-season projection of an 8-8 record. Will we then see how effective Pegulaville is at managing disaster?

Your guess for the Bills’ final standings this season

Here is a little unscientific poll about how you think the season will wind up. I dare say that the readers of this blog will produce a poll result that is much more accurate than those we saw in the presidential campaign.

The Bills reality show

The actual results of the Bills season might affect the future employment prospects for the brothers Ryan. Where do you think Rex and Rob will be working one year from now?


I hope you will vote in these fun polls. Check back to see the results.