Trumpeting in the Aftermath


          By Paul Fisk

In the aftermath of last fall’s election

We’ve made our constitutional selection

Donald Trump will here stay

But it pains me to say

It’s despite a majority rejection


So when will we all have learned

To live with this con man we spurned?

He should have been tossed

But instead Clinton lost

Electoral votes she hadn’t quite earned


With tweets increasingly darker

And our future looking starker and starker

We came to acknowledge

The Electoral College

Gave us a carnival barker


Tho never having had to miss a meal

He’d renege on deals with great zeal

Trump U wasn’t real

And the art of the deal

Was really the art of the steal


Make America great again?

Go back to what time? When?

When women were chattel?

Blacks treated like cattle?

Make it great again for just white men?


He roused up his rank and file

With discourse so utterly vile,

And nary a mention

Or any attention

To the folly of climate denial


This Tangerine Toddler’s noise

About how boys will be boys

Expressed despite progeny

His blatant misogyny

Seeing women as sexual toys


Reporters Trump all did resent

Sometimes asking him to repent

Sometimes question his acts

And checking his “facts”

His “false” rate was 70 percent


As Trump began tweeting furiously

And acting increasingly curiously

We discounted his acts

And his contempt for facts

And failed to take him seriously


So The Donald does now lie and shout

About how he won in a rout

But he did have a point

Not just smoking a joint

Many folks were truly left out


It wasn’t all just white trashism

Or a seeming runup to fascism

A kernel was true

Tho it rarely shone through

The torrent of “unpresidented” post-factualism


They had many a legitimate gripe

Their concerns were not all just tripe

But it’s really a shame

That they went for the fame

Of a colossal liar, all hype


As Trump gloated on being anointed

While tweeting policies disjointed

We became more unnerved

As we sadly observed

How unsuited were those he appointed


Naming oligarchical looters

“Free enterprise” rooters and tooters

Many tend to oppose

The agencies they chose

Trump’s more suited to run hiring for Hooters


At the risk of sounding contrarian

It shouldn’t take a parliamentarian

To see our democracy

May become a kleptocracy

In the hands of this authoritarian


With his constant pro-corporate screed

Trump’s basic thought is to lead

Them to act without compunction

Without fear of injunction

And return to unbridled greed


Regulation abolition will be rammed

Through agencies, which will be slammed

Set businesses free

To take what they see

Public good, environment be damned


An acknowledged master of deflection

To shelter his greed from detection

He may take to Pinterest

To hide conflicts of interest

Or just brag about his erection


Because of his Big Lie and scare act

And reluctance to admit any real fact

We see folks who will swear

They hate Obamacare

But just love the Affordable Care Act


We may wish for a great magic wand

To break up this new alt-right bond

All along we surmised

Supporters not yet realized

They’ve been well and truly conned


If history really has arcs

Let’s hope before there’re more sparks

That before it next bends

The right makes amends

For condoning deplorable remarks


He’s refused to learn from intelligence

Preferring to seek profit in “elegance”

Declining to meet

Preferring to tweet

The epitome of ignorance and arrogance


A cowboy all rootin’ and tootin’

With also a penchant for shootin’

He’ll set us to tremblin’

All kumbya with the Kremlin

As he’s played for a sucker by Putin


This birther showed off his short fuse

And vehemently tried to abuse

Reporters for lies

Released by our spies

Karma for the Godfather of fake news


This thin-skin did tweet and zing

In response to a disapproving thing

In timing that threw us

Did target John Lewis

On the weekend of Dr. Martin Luther King


What should really leave Donald tense,

(But then he is famously dense)

Is that Congress may preach

That they must impeach

‘Cause they really would rather have Pence


They say presidents grow into it, maybe

Tho starting unprepared as a baby

He’s got a long way to go

Such a Yuge amount to grow

I mean amazing, big league, believe me


Trump will create his own news reality

Spouting his own new banality

He’ll tweet in the night

Pandering to the alt-right

And threatening the press with finality


If they threaten basic rights and insist

Refusing to cease and desist

When freedom’s at risk

Do more than TSK, TSK

It’s time to stand up and resist


So join as real patriots do

In groups like the ACLU

Stand up for human rights

And join in the fights

To not regress, it’s what we must do


He’ll continue to tweet The Big Lie

And when this all is gone by

At best we will cope

As we wait, pray and hope

That the end’s not a bang but a sigh


And after all the fury and sound

If our democracy is to rebound

If we are to be great

Our ultimate fate

Rests on us all finding some common ground

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  1. the sign I saw in DC was “Ikea has smarter cabinets.” I also liked “my undocumented immigrant father paid more taxes than Donald Trump.”


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