A conversation between Pope Francis and Donald Trump

As part of his tour of the Middle East and Europe, Donald Trump met today with Pope Francis at Vatican City. It was the first meeting for the two men.

Politics and Other Stuff was provided with a transcript of the meeting by an unnamed source who has direct knowledge of the meeting and who passed on the information in exchange for anonymity. How I got this before the New York Times and the Washington Post I don’t really know. The meeting took place in the Apostolic Palace of the Vatican. Continue reading

The Comey fiasco, leaking classified information and cheerleader-in-chief Chris Collins

When it comes to recognition for supporting all things Donald Trump, both during last year’s campaign and Trump’s first four months in office, it is hard to find a more dedicated, aggressive, or over-exposed advocate than would-be stockbroker and 27th District Congressman Chris Collins. He proudly wears the mantel of cheerleader-in-chief. This has often found Collins twisting himself like a pretzel as he tries to explain what he perceives as the intelligence and foresight of fearless leader. Continue reading