Yes, guns kill people — updated with a footnote by Steve Banko

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With all the back and forth, with all the painful discussions about the so-frequent mass shootings that have occurred in the United States, the National Rifle Association and its more strident members always repeat their mantra: guns don’t kill people, people kill people. They are wrong – guns kill people.

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3 thoughts on “Yes, guns kill people — updated with a footnote by Steve Banko

  1. It’s been almost a century since the esteemable H.L. Mencken made his prediction about the “great and glorious day” will come when “the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last, and the White House will be occupied by a downright fool and a complete narcissistic moron.” Now that his prediction has become reality, it would be funny, if not so tragic, to hear the insane, insipid, inane comments that follow mass shooting such as that in Las Vegas recently. It is as though the country is in a competition to see whose stupidity can match that of the president. The recent entrants include that perpetually perfidious Rush Limbaugh who said the mainstream media was deliberately downplaying the shooter’s ties to ISIS. Senile cretin and example of how not to be a Christain, Pat Robertson said that disrespect for the president was the cause of 58 innocent deaths. A newcomer making headway in the competition is Dave Daubenmire who took to Fox and Friends to blame CNN for the shooting. It seems lunacy is rapidly replacing lucidity in public discourse. The “alternate facts” folks in the White House have, and continue, to contrive an America where the truth is malleable, fungible, irrelevant. Their collective noses grow when they tell the truth. Thus, the moron president has created the climate in which the addled believe they can contribute to the national discourse by becoming as ridiculous as the president they admire. One wonders if politics can survive this continuous assault on intelligent debate.

    But the inanity of “Puerto Rico is an island, surrounded by water, big water” aside, one can only hope that this latest assault on public safety might be the catalyst for sanity when it comes to gun control. Even when we consider that the second dumbest guy in government, Mitch McConnell, violated his oath and the Constitution when he denied a sitting president the authority to nominate a justice of the Supreme Court by saying “the NRA doesn’t like this guy,” some sanity must still be left on Capitol Hill – doesn’t it? I am not confident of that, knowing that the House is prepared to vote on a bill that would allow the sale of silencers for weapons. Imagine what might have happened had the lunatic in Mandalay Bay had silenced rifles. The sounds of automatic weapons fire were the first signals to the concert goers that someone was shooting at them. Perhaps the GOP would have preferred the tip-off that people were being targetted to be exploding brains and broken bones. This stuff is getting ways beyond the bounds of anything resembling the rights of private citizens to own guns. Antonin Scalia rejected the notion of the founders that an armed militia might be the key phrase in the Second Amendment and thus, created the climate that allows the NRA to hold the country hostage. Jimmy Kimmel hit the nail squarely on the head the other night when he said that McConnell and Paul Ryan, the Idiot Farms entry in the Sweepstakes of Stupidity needn’t pray for the victims of Las Vegas, but rather for “forgiveness for allowing the NRA to squeeze their balls in a money clip.” Are profits really that critically important that we are OK with watching Americans die for them? (That was rhetorical – we all know the answer.)


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  3. Any time anyone says that guns don’t kill, only people do, ask them this question. When is the last time anyone ever saw a Marine Battalion storm a beach armed with only a knife or a baseball bat?


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