Connecting the Donald’s Dots

The following limerick was penned by my blog editor and longtime friend, Paul Fisk. The opinions are those of the author and not necessarily those of the publisher of the blog (but the publisher agrees with 99.8 percent of them). Ken Kruly

Connecting the Donald’s dots

By Paul Fisk

Once mocked by Prez forty-four

Trump now does things we abhor

If Obama once did it

Of the world he must rid it

He’s trying to settle a score


This con man came to the fray

Finding angry people to play

Fact checkers have found

His untruths know no bound

You can’t believe half the words he does say


Despots find the Big Lie has appeal

As a country they manage to steal

If enough times you cry it

Some people will buy it

Trump called that The Art of the Deal


Even Trump didn’t think he would win it

And yet he soon found himself in it

Third grade level speaker

He won in a squeaker

Popular vote said he shouldn’t have been it


He campaigned unlike all tradition

Lying daily without inhibition

He’d insult and demean

Like we’d never seen

Profound ignorance his pre-existing condition


Campaigning as religious hobbyist

And acting out at his snobbiest

He claimed he did pray

But the bible doesn’t say

Love your neighbor only if he’s a lobbyist


In a nation increasingly tribal

Evangelicals he tried not to libel

But in courting their vote

He struck a sour note

He was two Corinthians short of a bible


For style he doesn’t much care

As shown by long ties he does wear

Fashionistas may grieve

But he wants you to believe

There’s something long dangling down there


Constitutional ignorance unsaid

Sworn in on a book he’d not read

He’d expound loud and proud

On the size of his crowd

Tho photos proved him out of his head


Appointing lobbyists to his Animal Farm

Forcing EPA and Health to disarm

He eagerly leapt

To appoint the inept

But to his base he’s doing real harm.


Easy victories he thought he would see

And get everything done before tea

Then when up things he blew

He said nobody knew

How complicated health care could be


In government he’d never been

His ignorance is really a sin

Bill details unknown

Didn’t want to be shown

All he cared for was getting a win


His Tweets couldn’t make me any queasier

Or his actions be any sleazier

With no hint of disgrace

He said with straight face

That he thought the job would be easier


Causing pain like an abscessed molar

And habitat loss for bears polar

Environmental regs he does cut

With his mind firmly shut

While the Coal Museum switches to solar


While pushing renewed use of coal

Abdicating our international role

Russia, China play chess

He finds checkers too much stress

Only able to play Whack A Mole


At other nations racist insults he’s hurled

Standing by our flag unfurled

But he’s not made us stronger

But rather no longer

The leader of the free world


The wealthy he doesn’t want to tax

Citing false Laffer curve tracts

Claims to help middle class

Pulled out of his ass

He’s spouting alternative facts


Their game plan is one we all know

Cut taxes, let the deficit grow

Claim the cupboard is bare

Cut Medicaid and Medicare

Social security then the next one to go


GOP loyalty goes first to re-election

Then to donors a tax cut selection

For the wealthy there’s more

At the expense of the poor

Health and aid cuts give Paul Ryan an erection


Supporters live in their alt right small box

With conspiracies, Breitbart and Fox

Consumed by venality

And alternate reality

Still believing their guy really rocks


He shows no regard for our laws

Big league greed one of his many flaws

Undermining democracy

In favor of kleptocracy

And ignoring the emoluments clause


The GOP offers no excuse

For condoning sexual abuse

To many women’s cries

They turn their blind eyes

They’re content to just be obtuse


Twice kicked from the bench he did sit on

Roy Moore chose the Senate to bid on

Now they showed him the door

And so much for Roy Moore

And the same to the horse he rode in on


Secret Service upwards did glance

Trump Tower fire spotted by chance

At the home of this liar

The source of the fire

Was found to be simply his pants


When the Donald tweets, brays and roars

His insecurity index just soars

And we realize with a sigh

He’s just stuck in junior high

Claiming “mine’s much bigger than yours”


He boasts of great deeds divine

To prove that he’s doing just fine

To combat his slump

He claims thanks to Trump

No planes fell on any oil pipeline


So we may see early end to his season

‘Cause he seems to be losing all reason

For removal most call

We may see his downfall

And even Bannon now said the word “treason”


Trump views his future with dread

As Mueller follows the thread

Trump’s outlook is fraught

He’s about to be caught

And he’s in way over his head


Loans and lawyers he sought from top ranks

But he stiffed workers, law firms and banks

Now no top one would lend him

Or even defend him

They all told him “Sorry, no thanks”


Ties to Russia and Putin denied

All around him persistently lied

Tho his son bragged of funding

From Russian sources bundling

There’s something he’s desperate to hide


He’s clearly existentially afraid

Is it because of what someone was paid?

Or did Russia’s injections

Really sway the elections?

Or his country has he really betrayed?


In desperation the GOP does try

Defaming Mueller and the FBI

They perform desperate acts

‘Cause they can’t dispute facts

A ploy that we just can’t let fly


There are many ways by which he could go

All related to malignant ego

Obstruction or collusion

Or psychiatric delusion

Only Mueller may currently know


Eating cheeseburgers in his bed slash dinner table

Donald tweeted he was genius and stable

But this venting his ire

At Fury and Fire

Further proved stable genius was fable


Dots all there for Mueller to connect them

‘Tho Trumpsters will all just reject them

They’ll rant, rave and shout

But truth will win out

And hopefully we will eject them


To prove Trump’s business is funny

And the country to have days more sunny

What Mueller must do

To prove these things true

Is probably just follow the money


I’m outraged and just want to shout

That we need to organize a rout

I’m embarrassed as a resident

By our shit-for-brains president

And want to just get him OUT.


The first time that I did hear

Time’s list for person of last year

For Mueller I did hope

But then I said “Nope

I hope that he gets it THIS year”