How New York voters in 2018 might send a message about Albany corruption

New York State is in the midst of a statewide election for the offices of governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general and comptroller. All but the comptroller’s position are seeing hard-hitting, aggressive campaigning.

Overshadowing the elections is a new wave of corruption scandals, trials and convictions involving state officials. For the past ten years or more state residents have seen these occurrences in the offices of governor, comptroller, attorney general, multiple members of the state Assembly and state Senate and a variety of people who held appointive positions with the state or who did business with the state. Continue reading

Trump’s alliance with Putin

Donald Trump’s recent European tour was undoubtedly a smashing success, at least for him and his loyal Trumpkins. “He’s opening up lines of communication.”

Well, here is a news flash: those lines have been open already, for many years, even well before he announced his candidacy for president in 2015. Eric and Donald Jr. spilled the beans about that long along. We are just waiting now for the documentation. Continue reading