Just the facts — the new campaign financial reports for state and local candidates

State and local candidates and others who maintain campaign finance accounts were required to submit their periodic reports to the State Board of Elections on July 16th for receipts, expenses and account balances through July 12th. Here are the latest campaign account balances on file, two days past the filing deadline. I will update this data for the next day or two if additional information becomes available.

There’s no analysis or discussion in this post. I’ll leave that up to the readers for now, but will be back at a later date with some commentary.

Note: most of the candidates carry one or more minor party endorsements. For simplicity sake I am only listing the Democratic and Republican candidates at this time, except in the race for governor.



Andrew Cuomo, Democrat. Incumbent: $31,122,985

Cynthia Nixon, Democrat: $657,439

Marc Molinaro, Republican: $887,239

Howie Hawkins, Green: $16,866

Stephanie Miner, Serve America Movement: $162,856

Lieutenant Governor

Kathy Hochul, Democrat. Incumbent: $1,244,516

Jumaane Williams, Democrat: $45,502

Attorney General – Democratic primary

Leecia Eve: $250,719

Letitia James: $991,481

Sean Patrick Maloney: $981,386

Zephyr Teachout: $314,059

Keith Wofford, Republican: $1,023,848

State Assembly

140th District

Robin Schimminger, Democrat. Incumbent: $416,397

Adam Ohar, Republican: No report filed as of July 20, 2018 PM

141st District

Crystal Peoples-Stokes, Democrat. Incumbent: $298,991

Ross Kostecky, Republican: No report filed as of July 20, 2018 PM

142nd District

Patrick Burke, Democrat: $29,311

Erik Bohen, Republican. Incumbent: $13,284

143rd District

Monica Wallace, Democrat. Incumbent: $55,215

Clara Wroblewski, Republican: no report filed as of July 20, 2018 PM

144th District

Joseph DiPasquale, Democrat: $3,064

Michael Norris: Republican. Incumbent: $90,536

145th District

Democrat: No candidate

Angelo Morinello, Republican. Incumbent: no report filed as of July 20, 2018 PM

146th District

Karen McMahon, Democrat: $35,147

Raymond Walter, Republican. Incumbent: $56,691

147th District

Luke Wochensky, Democrat: $15,843

David DiPietro, Republican. Incumbent: $67,262

149th District

Sean Ryan, Democrat. Incumbent: $215,031

Joseph Totaro, Republican: No report filed as of July 20, 2018 PM

State Senate

59th District

Democrat: No candidate

Patrick Gallivan, Republican. Incumbent: $89,797

60th District

Carima El Behairy, Democrat: No report filed as of July 20, 2018 PM

Christopher Jacobs, Republican. Incumbent: $454,457

61st District

Joan Seamans, Democrat: $79,540

Michael Ranzenhofer, Republican. Incumbent: $868,298

62nd District

Democrat: No candidate

Robert Ortt, Republican. Incumbent: $203,118

63rd District

Timothy Kennedy, Democrat. Incumbent: $605,737

Thomas Gaglione, Republican: No report filed as of July 20, 2018 PM

Justice of the Supreme Court

Paula Feroleto, Democrat. Incumbent: $73,653

John Curran, Republican. Incumbent: $90,433

Erie County Court Judge

Suzanne Maxwell Barnes, Democrat: $133,534

Debra Givens, Republican: $35,431

Erie County Clerk

Angela Marinucci, Democrat: $37,760

Michael Kearns, Republican. Incumbent: $31,916