Chris Collins, stockbroker

In light of today’s indictment of Chris Collins, his son and his son’s future father-in-law, I thought I would offer some historical perspective by re-publishing a post about Collins that first appeared here in July 2017.  A link to that post follows.

Some other thoughts:

  • How does all this fit into the character of a man who prides himself on being an Eagle Scout?
  • Does Collins’ press conference today in New York City count as some sort of public event that he has so aggressively avoided with his constituents?
  • For the Republicans so eager to pile on to Albany corruption, where is the outrage about Collins?
  • The line-up for a Republican replacement candidate is already forming:  State Senator Pat Gallivan; Erie County Comptroller Stefan Mychajliw; radio host David Bellavia.  There will be more.
  • Finally, at the end of the linked 2017 post there are comments about how offended Collins was as Louise Slaughter went after him about his stock-trading activities.  Somewhere today, Louise is smiling.

Here is the link to the July 2017 post about Collins.

One thought on “Chris Collins, stockbroker

  1. Is it me?, or am I just too young to understand/comprehend that there use to be a time when our elected representatives were honorable public-servants…

    What happened?

    What’s the difference between a private citizen and a politician if they both commit crimes…Should the politician get a free pass?


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