Campaign financial updates; a poll on the 27th congressional district

Candidates in the September 13th primary elections were required to file campaign financial reports on August 13th for transactions and receipts through August 9th. That is four weeks beyond the last reports.

Here’s a summary of what the candidates raised and spent during that four week period, and what they had left in their accounts as of August 9th:

Governor – Democratic primary

Andrew Cuomo, Democrat. Incumbent. Raised: $845,162   Spent: $7,486,968   Balance: $24,446,155

Cynthia Nixon, Democrat. Raised: $391,237   Spent: $606,819   Balance: $441,857

Lieutenant Governor – Democratic primary

Kathy Hochul, Democrat. Incumbent: Raised: $458,579   Spent: $143,167   Balance: $1,559,928

Jumaane Williams, Democrat. Raised: $24,628   Spent: $31,556   Balance: $38,575; Williams has thus far only refunded $10,000 of the $45,000 in previously noted over-contributed corporate donations.

Attorney General – Democratic primary

Leecia Eve. Raised: $41,620   Spent: $133,026   Balance: $159,552

Letitia James. Raised: $434,401   Spent: $217,664   Balance: $1,208,217

Sean Patrick Maloney. Raised: $696,249   Spent: $882,563   Balance: $795,072

Zephyr Teachout. Raised: $369,508   Spent: $112,998   Balance: $474,335

63rd Senate District – Democratic primary

Timothy Kennedy, Democrat. Incumbent. Raised: $84,140   Spent: $40,427   Balance: $649,449

Shaqurah Zackery, Democrat. Raised: $6,854   Spent: $6,854         Balance: $0

Erie County Court Judge

Suzanne Maxwell Barnes, Democrat. No report filed as of 8/17/18 PM

Debra Givens, Republican. Raised: $7,495   Spent: $3,415   Balance: $39,511

Erie County Clerk

Michael Kearns, Republican. Incumbent. Raised: $16,514   Spent: $6,556   Balance: $41,874

Angela Marinucci, Democrat. Raised: $8,629   Spent: $1,458   Balance: $44,900


The Republican candidate for Congress in the 27th District

What an interesting show to watch. Chris Collins is hiding. He’s not running, he’s not resigning his seat, and apparently he is not talking with too many people.  Oh yeah, and he is okay with substituting another candidate for Congress.

Republican chairmen are scrambling, trying to vet the 15 or so potential candidates (Question 1: have you ever committed insider trading?). Republican lawyers are burning the midnight oil trying to figure out how to get Collins off the congressional ballot and how to substitute someone else. Nate McMurray is growing his campaign. Democratic lawyers are getting reading.

In the interest of trying to move this process along, Politics and Other Stuff has created a poll of the potential Republican candidates. It is, of course, totally unscientific. We’re just trying to help out the Republican chairmen here. Even if you are not a Republican county chairman, you are invited to participate.