A soldier’s Christmas story

Politics and Other Stuff is taking a holiday break, returning on January 2nd. In the meantime, I am re-running a post from my friend Steve Banko, a highly decorated veteran of the Vietnam War. Whether you are re-reading the article, or seeing it for the first time, the story provides a touching narrative of what is important in life.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

By Steve Banko

For me, Christmas will always be found in the music.

From those long ago days of grammar school innocence when the nuns embarked on the crusade to drill the words of every carol in Christendom into my brain, until today – with innocence a faded memory but the joy of Christmas a constant prayer, I found great delight and consolation in the music of Christmas. Some of my most enduring memories involve those nuns, the songs they taught me, and the way we sang them. Continue reading

Journalism in the 21st century; a footnote about changes coming at the County Legislature

You are looking at the future of journalism. Okay, I’m exaggerating – a lot. This humble blog is just a humble blog.

But take a few minutes to consider how you, personally, gather information you need or want about the region, the country and the world. More and more, we all have created or are creating our own individual versions of “the news.” Continue reading