Out of the darkness emerges the Republican candidate in NY27

Considering the star-crossed history of former Republican candidates for Congress in what is now New York’s 27th District, it should come as no surprise that the 2020 version should emerge from a secret hiding place somewhere in Western New York.  Okay, it was actually a golf club in Varysburg – no press admitted.  The Party leadership’s decision to hide their deliberations suggests that they are defensive about what they are doing. Continue reading

What’s happening at ECC?

Over the nearly five years that Politics and Other Stuff has been published there has been a post or two or twenty about the life and times of Erie Community College, aka SUNY Erie.  The College is an important educational institution, but over the past several years, like other colleges in Western New York, it has struggled with declining enrollment and increasingly difficult financial problems.  More recently there have been concerns about the leadership of the school, as this blog reported on January 7th. Continue reading

Just the facts — campaign filings of state legislators

Candidates and committees were required to file campaign financial reports with the state Board of Elections on January 15. Incumbents generally continue to pile up the cash.  In past years it was not unusual for candidates to be late with their filings, but all of the local candidates listed here are up-to-date.

Here is a quick summary concerning the cash on hand, some fundraising information, and notable expenditures of Western New York state legislators, plus some other potential 2020 candidates: Continue reading

We wish we had 39 million dollars. Hot dog!

There is scene in the holiday classic, It’s a Wonderful Life, played twice in the film, where the movie’s main character, George Bailey, goes into Mr. Gower’s drugstore, squeezes the handle on a box, which lights a flame.  George then says, “I wish I had a million dollars. Hot dog!”

George is beloved in the little town of Bedford Falls, where things are okay but many of its citizens are just getting by. He is honest, hardworking and caring.  He helps as many people as he can by loaning the Bailey Building and Loan’s money to people who are buying homes.  But George never gets his million dollars.

George’s dreamy wish comes to mind while observing some recent stories about the financial situation in the City of Buffalo. Instead of one million dollars, some Buffalo leaders are wishing for 39 million dollars. Hot dog! Continue reading