Time to take a reading on some political and other things

In the presidential primary, eighteen states down, 32 to go. Political promises being made.  A major international health crisis.  Things heating up in NY27.

It’s a good time to take a reading on the political climate among Politics and Other Stuff readers.  So here is a quick poll on assorted people and issues:

  • Your current preference for president
  • Elizabeth Warren’s pre-Convention endorsement
  • Your preference for national health care
  • The federal government role in climate change
  • If current Coronavirus-related business problems persist, then
  • The Trump administration’s response to Coronavirus issues thus far
  • If the Coronavirus problems persist into the summer, will Trump
  • Your choice in the NY27 special election
  • Your preference in the NY27 Republican primary
  • Should New York State reduce Medicaid benefits to balance their budget?
  • Shopping bags preferences
  • Eggs