Pro-active work to promote registration and early voting is the best way for Democrats to combat Republican voting suppression

In the early days of my involvement in politics I worked on many campaigns at Democratic headquarters in Buffalo. My main tasks were usually researching issues and writing news releases, but I also did a great deal of envelope labeling and stuffing and telephoning. One of the things that Joe Crangle’s operations excelled in was preparation for election mailings and voter contact.

Not too many people in Erie County today can remember when the county, by registration, was a Republican county. The shift began in the 1960’s. It was a lot of hard work. The main architect of that switch was Joe Crangle, who served as Democratic Chairman from 1965 through 1988. Continue reading

Trump’s failed management of the COVID-19 crisis and his lack of empathy for average Americans have infected the Republican Party

We are into August with just three months to go until the election. Everyone is joining Jared Kushner in celebrating the end of the coronavirus problem in July. We were all “rocking and rolling” that the pandemic has passed.

Okay, so Jared’s plan did not work out. Neither did his mid-East peace plan and various other assignments handed to him. But we should not pick on poor Jared. He is running his father-in-law’s re-election campaign and everything is going wonderfully – for Joe Biden. Continue reading