Sports during the pandemic

For those so inclined, the televising of live sporting events has provided some relief from the limitations we find ourselves living under, even as we in New York State cannot attend the events in person.  There is only so much binge watching of dramas and sit-coms that a person can handle.

My wife Sophia and I got to see an exhibition baseball game in Florida (Astros versus Nationals) in late February before things started shutting down.  That seems like ten years ago.

Major league baseball, however, did come to Buffalo this year for the first time in what, 105 years?  It was interesting to see some of the Blue Jays games televised from Sahlen Field.  For you Yankee fans, your heroes were playing and temporarily residing right here in downtown Buffalo!  Go Jays! Continue reading

Knowing when to leave

A Dionne Warwick song from days long gone by offers these words of wisdom:  “Go while the going is good.  Knowing when to leave may be the smartest thing anyone can learn.  Go!”  This being a blog about politics I think we have some real life political applications for those words, nationally and locally.

We can start with the obvious:  it is time for Donald Trump to leave the presidency.  It’s over.  He’s done.  His goose is cooked.  Time to start packing.  Don’t let the screen door hit you on your way out.  Go!

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