The party of ideas versus the party of Dr. Seuss

“The liberals now want to cancel Dr. Seuss.  I’m drawing a line in the sand on this one.  And that, is why I’m asking you to stand with me.  In 2013, while filibustering ObamaCare, I read Green Eggs and Ham to my daughters on the Senate floor.  If you’re willing to stand against cancel culture by donating $60 right now, I’ll sign a copy of Green Eggs and Ham and send it to you.” Senator Ted Cruz fundraising appeal

The first seventy days of the Biden administration have drawn a serious contrast between the Democratic Party and the Republican (aka Trump) Party.  The evidence is in both words and activities.

Ted Cruz, once and future Republican/Trump candidate for president, has been having a great time promoting Dr. Seuss books in the face of the publisher’s decision to remove certain books from sale.  What a great contrast he shows of what the parties are offering voters:  Cruz signs copies of Green Eggs and Ham while Joe Biden signs the American Rescue Plan.

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Andrew; Kevin; six years


As we head toward final approval of the new state budget, the whole world is waiting to know:  how much funding will there be for the Tug Hill Commission?  You can look it up.  Okay, what the state and the country want to know is, is Governor Andrew Cuomo going or staying?  He’s staying.

Although maybe if the investigation into the governor’s alleged improprieties by the Attorney General’s office turns up convincing evidence, Cuomo will have no choice but to go.  He has said, wait for the results of the investigation.  So have the dwindling number of his supporters.

Or maybe there is something to the FBI investigation.  Would that make him go?

Or maybe the Assembly’s impeachment inquiry gets some momentum and the threat of impeachment helps him conclude that it is time to leave.

Or maybe after the state budget is done he can depart the stage with that out of the way.

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