COVID politics

I’ll start this post will a simple sentence:  I give credit to the Trump administration for fast-tracking the development and production of coronavirus vaccines.  Period.  Full stop.

Everything else that the Trump administration touched or became involved in concerning COVID-19 was a mess or an out-and-out disaster.  Millions of Americans got sick because of those screw-ups.  Hundreds of thousands of Americans have died.

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The State Legislature shifts left; a major election contest moves to court

COVID-related activities and budget concerns during the past year drew attention away from the New York State Legislature.  Various investigations of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s activities in the past several months have left him in a weakened political position.  In 2021, however, the Legislature has once again become actively engaged in state finances and policies.  The new involvement has seen the Legislature shift its politics leftward.

This is not a sudden development, but the movement has been hastened since 2019 when Democrats took real control of the State Senate; they held that power briefly more than a decade ago and managed to bungle the situation pretty badly.  The 2020 legislative elections solidified the hold of the party on the upper house of the Legislature.

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