The next mayor of Buffalo will have giant budget holes to fill; a hard control board is needed

There is much at stake in this year’s election for Mayor of Buffalo which will affect every city resident and others beyond the city limits. The decisions that have been made in City Hall in recent years have left giant holes in the city’s operating budget. Previous posts have detailed some of the major budget issues. You can read those posts here and here.

American Rescue Plan money which is arriving over a two year period will help with many things, but when it comes to the city’s operating budget the value will be fleeting. The legislation that created the relief pot of money has requirements and limitations on the use of the money. The law in part states that the funds may be used to:

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The filibuster issue

So when does reality set in in politics?  When do we stop thinking that Mitch McConnell and Joe Manchin are going to change?  Why continue to think that the filibuster is going away in 2021?

If you take a look at the Constitution the only requirements for supermajority votes are for amending the basic document or to pass on a proposed amendment to the states; calling a Constitutional Convention; impeachment conviction; expulsion of a member of Congress; overriding a presidential veto; ratifying a treaty; and implementing the 25th Amendment concerning removal of the President.  All other actions of both houses of Congress only need majority votes.  Both Houses set their own rules of operation.

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