The 2022 mid-term elections

Recent developments on the state budget and political fronts have put a focus on New York State politics but, of course, there is a lot more happening beyond New York’s borders.  The mid-term election campaigns are moving along everywhere.  The pundits are sizing up party prospects.

The effects of gerrymandering in 2022 seem to have gone better than anticipated for Democrats throughout the country so far, although there remain some judicial proceedings that could change that picture.  Republican control of redistricting really took off after the 2010 midterm elections when the party won control of a significant number of state legislative bodies.  That control was maintained in 2020.  The party has fully used it power.  In most states that means the Legislature drawing district line, but in Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has bullied his own Republican Legislature into letting him draw the congressional maps.  Those maps, if they survive court challenges, will wipe out two districts where Black voters are a plurality of total voters.

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