Republican chaos in the 23rd district; campaign financials are filed

So we thought after the Special Master had his final say on re-districting that the Western New York political picture had settled down.  Wrong.

Abandoning his previous near 100 percent loyalty to Donald Trump and the far right of his party, Congressman Chris Jacobs shocked the political world last week with his announcement of support for proposals by Governor Kathy Hochul and others to restrict some gun purchases in the state by the age of the buyer, plus other reforms. Jacobs’ story has received national attention. Some state proposals could be enacted before the end of this week when the Legislature adjourns for the year.

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The special master shuffles legislative districts one final time

It’s not even the end of May, but this is turning out to be one of the more unusual political years in recent memory.

New York State politics this year hasn’t had its traditional New York City slant.  Kathy Hochul from Buffalo, who became governor just nine months ago, has dominated the state’s politics.  Dealing with issues like the Covid response, bail reform, a new budget, and many other simpler matters, Hochul dominates the news nearly every day.

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