Election data to put the June 28th primaries in perspective

Early voting is complete.  Polling places are open as this post is published.  We should be able to determine most of the winners before the evening is done.

This post is intended to provide some historic context for the numbers will we soon see.

Party registrations – 2022

Per state Board of Elections data released in February 2022, here are the numbers for party registrations, broken down by Erie County; upstate (defined here as everything north of Westchester County except Erie County); New York City; and the City’s suburbs:

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Final campaign financial reports before the June 28th primary; Trump begging for money

With a week to go until the June 28th primaries, candidates have filed their final financial reports with the state Board of Elections.  Donations of $1,000 or more received since June 17 will need to be reported over the next week within 24 hours of receipt.

Here are the numbers for the statewide candidates as well as the candidates for Erie County Clerk in the Democratic primary:

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