Republican Chaos in the 23rd district – Part II

Republicans and Conservatives – at it again.

Just one week after Congressman Chris Jacobs issued a principled stance on gun control, Republicans and their allies in the Conservative Party have spoken.  There is no room in their parties for open opinions.  Guns are more important than the lives of innocent children and everyday citizens.  Get in line or get out.

These folks should understand the meaning of the word “target.”  The target that Jacobs supports, the target that Governor Kathy Hochul and others are aiming at, the target that overwhelming majorities of Americans (70 percent or more) are focusing on, is restricting or stopping the sale of military assault weapons and the gun paraphernalia that goes along with that.  No sales to anyone under the age of 21.  Enhanced background checks and waiting periods.  Meaningful red flag laws.  All commonsense attempts to get this madness under control.

Assault weapons are not for hunting, they are for killing, mass killings as quickly as possible.  The Rs and Cs need to end the charade that they serve any other purpose.  They need to read about what bullets firing out of such weapons do to a body hit by them.

Stop the BS about someone coming to take away their guns.  Read the Constitution and see that the second amendment concerns a “well regulated Militia.”  The weapon the founders were protecting was their trusty one-shot-at-a-time musket.

There have been several iterations over the years of what will in January 2023 become New York’s 23rd congressional district.  Jack Kemp held a previous version of the seat for 18 years.  The district is not what it used to be.  The person assuming that seat in January will be the sixth person to hold it in just over 15 years.  Three Republicans stepped away from the seat amid scandal.

The district is heavily Republican, thanks to the judicial gerrymander that redrew the district lines for the next ten years. Donald Trump carried the district by 18 points two years ago. So much for the new competitive seats. Republicans in their August 23rd primary could be electing the next member of Congress. The choices are less than inspiring.

State Republican Chairman Nick Langworthy is a bright and hard-working party leader, but he seems to be looking at his shelf life for party leadership.  His interests in running for office appears to be a concession that his party has no chance for electing anyone to statewide office this year, so best look for the door.  Who cares how he elbows his way into the picture?  It was just two years ago that Langworthy’s wife, Erin Baker, was raising money for Jacobs’ campaign.

The old warhorse, Carl Paladino, also wants the seat.  His politics and personality would put him in line to be the Marjorie Taylor Greene of New York.

There are other, lesser lights who have an interest in the seat, but unless they have been busy the past few days gathering signatures on petitions, their efforts will flame out quickly.  Marc Cenedella, a businessman from New York City who recently re-planted himself in Fredonia, might make it through the process.  The filing deadline for petitions is Friday, June 10.

Maybe there won’t even be a primary if the R and C leaders can fend off the petitioners and simply use their powers as Jacobs’ Committee on Vacancies to fill the nomination by fiat.  Langworthy would have the best chance of pulling that off.

If you are thinking that you have seen this chaotic show before, you are correct.  In 2018 Republican candidates and party leaders spent weeks maneuvering around Chris Collins’ legal problems, finally giving up and running him for re-election.

It should always be remembered that this new member of Congress from the 23rd district bullied his (there are no female candidates) way into the office.  He will have the reputation for having put guns ahead of people’s lives.

But that characterization goes beyond the new congressman.  The Republican Party stands in lockstep with that approach.  Jacobs, in his speech declining the nomination, spoke about how all Republican officeholders and party leaders told him to get out.  So if you get a chance, ask the next Republican politician you come in contact with where he or she stands on the question of guns versus peoples’ lives.  Leave a little room for them.  They are going to be doing a lot of dancing around that issue.

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