The cases against Trump

By way of introduction, let’s summarize the major legal problems facing Donald Trump at the moment:

  • Justice Department investigation of the unlawful taking of public documents, including some that are classified, which Donald Trump has or had at his Florida home for more than 18 months
  • DOJ investigation of January 6 insurrection
  • The House of Representatives January 6 Committee work
  • New York Attorney General Leticia James suit against Trump and three of his children for possible financial fraud
  • Fulton County, Georgia District Attorney Fani Willis investigation of election tampering

That sounds like a whole lot of lawlessness from the Trump/MAGA/Republican Party that is so concerned with crime.

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Searching for political common ground in the age of chaos

Politics and government touch everyone, whether it is welcomed or not.  Lives are busy and difficult enough for most Americans without having to deal with political turmoil, which is nurtured by the fringes of the spectrum.

A reader of this blog recently offered up an assessment of where things stand and how they might get better:  Past elected officials were often willing to reach across the aisle to do the work of the ” people.”   That is not today’s government.  We are way too partisan and way too divided.  The rhetoric needs to change…we need to be 1 nation not divided. Clearly the far left and far right have too much to say. 

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