Political strategies for the closing weeks of a campaign

The general public can more or less go about their business as the campaign season winds down toward Election Day.  They cannot easily avoid the TV commercials and mailings delivered to them, but in many cases at this stage those registered to vote (new registrations are now closed out in New York State) have decided who they will vote for; and also, for that matter, whether they will even take the time to vote.

For candidates on the ballot this year, and for their campaign teams as well, the situation is different.  They need to, as objectively as possible, (which is to say, nearly impossible), decide how they will use their available time and resources, financial and people, to finish up the campaign.  They need to assess what their chances are and how, when, and where to use those resources.  TV and radio ads and mailings are mostly set by this time. Get-out-the-vote work takes priority.

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