The Bills season – another one bites the dust

No need to belabor the obvious.  The Bills were a disappointment as the season wore down.  Josh Allen said they “ran out of gas.”  Well, okay.  You have an indicator signal in your car when you are getting close to empty.  It means it’s time to fill up the tank.  Didn’t the coaching staff notice the team was getting close to “E” before they stalled out?

Damar Hamlin’s near tragedy and miraculous recovery to date certainly has been difficult for the team, the community, and even the nation.  I disagree, however, with the recent Buffalo News headline:  “The year Bills’ fans learned the hard way that football is not life and death.”  Not true.  Most fans have always known that.  Family and health always come first.  The sun always comes up the next day (okay, that is when the clouds let it shine.)  As to football wins and losses, disappointing ends to previous games and seasons have also made keeping football-in-proper-perspective notion part of this community’s DNA for a long time.

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Just the facts — campaign financials for potential 2023 candidates and others; the Chief Judge appointment

Twice a year, in January and July, all political committees in New York State, whether or not they are involved in an election that year, are required to file reports with the state Board of Elections noting their receipts, expenditures, and account balances.  The January reports were due last week, reporting on finances as of January 11th.  State legislative candidates who ran in 2022 were only filing for the period from the end of November through January.  All other committees were reporting their finances since last July.

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