Republicans’ complicity and enabling leave them owning Trump’s failed coup d’état

Those of you who have been readers of Politics and Other Stuff over the past nearly six years know that the banner of this blog includes a beautiful picture of the United States Capitol on a sunny day.  Even though I have written many posts about state and local government and politics I chose the Capitol for the banner picture because I believe that the building symbolically represents American “small-d” democracy.

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The federal relief bill is law with no funding for state and local governments. So what happens now? In Memoriam: George Arthur

With Donald Trump coming along kicking and screaming the federal government has a new relief package in place.  There is not a dollar in the bill for state or local relief assistance, which makes the Trumplican Party happy but poses serious problems for anyone who depends on services from those governments or who pays taxes – so basically all of us.

Many states controlled by the Trumplican Party are just as much in need of assistance as places like New York.  It doesn’t matter.  Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy’s message to those folks is simple:  drop dead.  That’s a strange message for someone like McConnell who represents Kentucky, one of the most federal tax dependent states in the union.

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