We wish we had 39 million dollars. Hot dog!

There is scene in the holiday classic, It’s a Wonderful Life, played twice in the film, where the movie’s main character, George Bailey, goes into Mr. Gower’s drugstore, squeezes the handle on a box, which lights a flame.  George then says, “I wish I had a million dollars. Hot dog!”

George is beloved in the little town of Bedford Falls, where things are okay but many of its citizens are just getting by. He is honest, hardworking and caring.  He helps as many people as he can by loaning the Bailey Building and Loan’s money to people who are buying homes.  But George never gets his million dollars.

George’s dreamy wish comes to mind while observing some recent stories about the financial situation in the City of Buffalo. Instead of one million dollars, some Buffalo leaders are wishing for 39 million dollars. Hot dog! Continue reading

Election results mostly as expected; turnout better than four years ago

Yesterday’s elections offered a handful of unexpected results, but incumbents mostly won.  Turnout ticked up compared with 2015.

As projected here on August 13th, County Executive Mark Poloncarz was victorious, but his margin was smaller both in terms total votes and in percentages than in 2015.  Lynne Dixon worked hard, but she offered no compelling reason for a change in leadership in County Hall. Poloncarz’s taking-care-of-business style worked just fine. Continue reading

Some facts, observations and heard-on-the-streets

So Election Day, November 5th, is just thirty-five days away. Well, actually, Election Day is only twenty-five days away. Early voting is coming to a voting booth near you on Saturday, October 26th for a nine day run.

There will be 37 sites available in Erie County for early voting in 2019. Here is the Board of Elections’ explanation of the process.  The location of the 37 sites can be accessed at the end of the following BOE note. Continue reading

What if they held an election and nobody came?

This year’s June primary seems to have taken energy out of the 2019 election. I know, if you’re a candidate, campaign staffer, or party official you will tell me you are working your tail off – and I believe you.

But for the 99.9 percent of local residents who are not personally involved in the election, you are undoubtedly finding it hard to get excited or even interested in the election that will be held in less than 70 days. To the extent that people are interested, they are directing their attention to the national level. Continue reading