Chris Collins, stockbroker?

Chris Collins began his public career when he was elected Erie County Executive in 2007. He served one term and lost his bid for re-election to Mark Poloncarz. Then opportunity knocked.

Congressman Chris Lee got into a minor personal scandal and decided to resign, leading to a special election in May 2011. County Clerk Kathy Hochul was elected to succeed Lee in Congress. In 2012 new congressional districts needed to be drawn but the State Legislature punted on their responsibilities, which led to a New York City judge drawing the new congressional lines. In Western New York the newly drawn districts resulted in Hochul’s new district becoming the most Republican affiliated in the state.

Which led to Collins’ second try for a congressional seat. He had lost an election to Congressman John LaFalce in the 1990’s. The Hochul-Collins campaign was a tough and expensive one which Collins won by a very small margin. Continue reading

Nuclear options

The country, it seems, is drinking in national and international politics through a fire hose these days. So it’s probably practical, from a commentary point of view, to combine issues wherever possible.

The United States Senate today will vote to confirm Neil Gorsuch as a Justice of the United States Supreme Court. Given the partisan divide in the country, Gorsuch will only get a few more than the bare minimum number of votes needed for confirmation. Continue reading

Kristy Mazurek, Queen for a Day; Interpreting the Constitution; A DC chain reaction

With all the things that have been happening in the world of local politics lately, this post is for doing a little catching up on some other stuff.

What shall it proffer a woman …

Ok, just one more speculation piece (for now) about Pigeongate. From what is being indicated in Sunday’s News story about Kristy Mazurek, and from what Joel Daniels is quoted about, it sounds like Mazurek has signed what lawyers call a proffer agreement, aka “Queen for a day.” It is a document that promises the prosecutors will not prosecutor you for what you say in an interview – unless they learn something else about you that they can get you on. Continue reading