Federal pandemic relief is ending; provided valuable assistance replacing lost public revenues

It is time for some financial reality. For governments and organizations that have gotten by during the past two years with a large amount of one-time federal money the day of reckoning is arriving.

Among the federal funding included in the 2020 SECURE legislation and the 2021 American Rescue Plan was cash for states, local governments, colleges, and schools. Public reporting about the use of those funds indicates that much of that money has been spent or is being scheduled in 2022 for long-needed public works projects to repair water and sewer lines, streets and bridges, sidewalks, broadband internet, and other necessities that are often deferred.

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Some facts, observations and heard-on-the-streets

It is good to see most Western New Yorkers doing their part to flatten the COVID-19 curve with social distancing, staying close to home and generally taking proper care to help reduce the spread of the virus. There is plenty of good neighboring going on that hopefully will bring better times a little closer.

The personal tragedies of severe illness and death are difficult to bear, as is the uncertainty of it all. Most everyone will come to personally know someone who has been affected directly or through quarantine. Continue reading