Confronting the truth is hard for Trump and Sanders; a note about Jack Cookfair

Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are alike in some ways and different in other ways.

Both men are septuagenarians. Both were born in New York City.  Neither has much hair on their head, but at least Bernie is more honest about it.

Both men are totally convinced that their view of the world is the one, true and only way to see things.

Both men love expressing that attitude to very large crowds of adoring fans. Or at least they did until last week, when their styles and personalities came up against the hard truth, which could not be denied, that large crowds are a potential health hazard.  The CDC now recommends no gatherings larger than 50 people. Continue reading

Civility and trust don’t come easy

Back in the days when a real Republican was President of the United States, people like Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush ruled the land with strength, grace and eloquence. Democrats fought Republicans over policy, but could still occasionally work together. Compromise was not a dirty word.

That seems so long ago, but as the nation honors the memory of H.W. this week there have been lots of commentaries about how it used to be. Reagan talked about a “city upon a hill.” Bush spoke of “a thousand points of lights.” They were trying to inspire the country by speaking of charity and volunteerism. Continue reading

The Republican commitment to enacting Trumpcare comes to a fork in the road; In Memoriam, Father Vincent M. Cooke, S.J. and Bill Mariani

So this is what all the waiting was for? A warmed over hybrid of Obamacare and the House “repeal and replace” bill is all the United States Senate Republicans could come up with? They hid in a secluded room for weeks to produce this?

I’ll give them this: amending Obamacare is hard and complicated work. Who knew? Continue reading

Dealing with Trump — don’t sweat the small stuff; In Memoriam, JB Walsh

One of the most amazing and unsettling things about having Donald Trump as president is the absolute unending string of stories about him, his administration, such as it is, and his policies, to the extent anyone may know anything about them.

Because there is such a deluge of material to read, see and listen to, it is understandable for more and more people to start to tune him out. That would be a mistake. There is too much at stake. Continue reading

Presidential politics coming to a state near you; a Panepinto issue; Kevin Dillon

With all the attention focused on the very large 2016 presidential election field and the upcoming contests in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina, it is easy to forget that New York State will have its own presidential primary. How big a role our state will play in the process remains to be seen.

New York State has rarely in recent times had a serious role to play in choosing party nominees for president. Going back in history New York governors were frequent candidates (Samuel Tilden; Theodore Roosevelt; Charles Evans Hughes; Franklin Roosevelt; Thomas Dewey).  And we do, of course, have our former United States Senator, Hillary Clinton, as the probable Democratic candidate in 2016.  By the time we get to the New York primary on April 19th Martin O’Malley will be long gone and Bernie Sanders will likely be fading fast. Continue reading

Pigeon issue in Cheektowaga; primary fight in Hamburg; Family Court candidates raising and spending; is Maziarz coming back? Mike Amico. And a thank you

This year’s primary election is Thursday, September 10th. Most of the fighting is on the local level. Here are some updates:

  • In Cheektowaga, the team aligned with Town Chair Mark Wegner and County Chair Jeremy Zellner is making sure that Democratic voters know that supervisor candidate Alice Migierski is supported by Frank Max, and by association, Steve Pigeon. The spending is relatively low in this race thus far, and there is no direct evidence that Team Pigeon is engaged here; of course, that team usually operates in the shadows.
  • This is the mailer that is being distributed by the Wegner/Zellner forces.  I have not attempted to verify any information contained in this graphic, and I am only presenting as a piece of campaign material:

Continue reading