A short take on the debate; post-primary candidate financials; the judicial race — Correction posted: no Reform Party candidates for State Supreme Court

We are all overwhelmed today by the post mortems about last evening’s presidential debate, so I’m only offering my two-paragraph view of things.

Hillary Clinton did what she needed to do last evening. She showed herself to be a competent and intelligent person, with the proper temperament and judgment to be President of the United States. Her presentation should help move the few genuinely undecided plus some of the third-party candidate supporters to her side. Continue reading

Some facts and some heard-on-the-streets

Presidential politics is dominating the news cycles. Folks who usually don’t give the subject a second thought are suddenly interested, amazed and disgusted about all things Trump. And the election is still eight months away!

By comparison, state and local politics are pretty boring. The state Republicans were in town last week to nominate Wendy Long (again) for United States senator. (It was funny that they could not bring themselves to endorse Trump.) I really do appreciate people who are willing to carry the party flag into a race such as this one against Chuck Schumer, but when a person becomes a serial candidate you have to wonder what motivates someone to do that. Continue reading

Helping veterans and others with PTSD

By Steve Banko         

I usually make it a point to ignore anything anyone with the last name of Palin says. But the half-term governor of that name recently politicized a subject of great interest to me. In doing so, she abandoned what I thought were the bedrock virtues of conservatives: independence and self-reliance; you know, the whole pulling yourself up by the bootstraps stuff. Continue reading

Flaherty’s war chest filled with loans and ADA contributions; Sedita update; updates on other candidate accounts

One of the premium local campaigns in the 2016 election will be the race for Erie County District Attorney. The contest is just starting, with interim DA Michael Flaherty jumping off with an impressive dollar total.

Political committees in the state must file updated financial reports by January 15th each year, reporting receipts, expenses and loans through January 11th.

Flaherty through January 11th had accumulated $313,697 in loans and contributions. A total of $16,780 was spent, the majority going to election consultants. Continue reading

When government puts money ahead of the residents it is created to serve, people can get hurt

Editor’s Note: Steve Banko forwarded the following commentary several days ago, and it provides a thorough review of the problems created in Flint, Michigan when an emergency manager appointed by Governor Rick Snyder took matters into his own hands and wound up creating a public health and environmental hazard in the city. A story in yesterday’s New York Times reports that the crisis has now prompted a federal emergency declaration.

 By Steve Banko

I spent twenty years working on political campaigns and thirty-three years in government. From the beginning of my experience, I’ve heard the mantra from conservatives and their acolytes in the Republican Party that “government needs to be run like a business.” On the other side, progressives and their teammates, the Democrats, have scoffed at the notion because simply stated government is not a business. Continue reading