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8 thoughts on “Contact and subscribe

  1. I enjoyed your analysis of the judgeships I have heard in the streets the Frank Sedita , Emilio cross it’s a good one. Two good guys. Bargnesi is s shoo in for the endorsement. Great job I enjoy your blog


  2. A Jacobs announcement for the 60th Senate seat could be on hold until April 19th, that’s when the special election for the Dean Skelos seat takes place. If the Dem wins (Assemblyman Todd Kaminsky) then Jacobs should decline. He is far better off as County Clerk than a minority party member of the State Senate. As of now it is a deat heat in Nassau County.


  3. Hi Ken.
    Great job on your blog. I love it! Can’t believe it is already a year.
    Keep up the great work- you are a very good writer.
    Robb Flowers- proud member of the Crangle Clubhouse.


  4. Hi Ken,
    I heard you on WBEN radio over the weekend talking about improving the Erie County Water Authority. What a thankless task! It’s like trying to figure out why a centipede can’t run like a gazelle. It’s in …”the nature of things.” It won’t be any different if the ECWA is disbanded. It’s just politics.

    As for your views on incivility,
    we all need to look in the mirror- including Donald Trump. No doubt he is grating on people- even his supporters. His rhetoric
    is outrageous times. This is news? I don’t like his excesses either.

    However, Trump will make a deal on DACA and immigration in a nano second if Nancy and Chuck were willing to bargain. We both know they want the issue and not a solution. Sad.

    Btw, Auntie Maxine is fast becoming the face of the Democrat Party. Not good for the Blue Wave.Joe Crowley’s defeat is very good news for Cynthia Nixon and very bad news for Andy Cuomo.

    Civility is being replaced by threats and harassment. Bad news for America. You and I both know that the Dems can’t wait to take over the House so they can commence impeachment.

    That’s not just Trump Derangement Syndrome, it’s
    Election Results Denial Syndrome. You don’t have to love Trump( or even agree with Trump) to make a deal with him
    on DACA, The Wall, ending chain immigration, family separation,
    E-verify or whatever.

    It’s called governing. Dems are interested in it right now. Don’t blame Trump for not wanting to deal. You need a partner to dance and Dems are sitting out this dance.



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