Something to consider: political “reforms” have tied this country into knots; what can be done about that?

Politics in the United States is pretty crazy in 2016. And not all of that dilemma is related to Donald Trump.

In opening up the process, increasing transparency, letting the people decide, challenging the establishment, letting sunshine sanitize the public discourse, and all sorts of other good intentions, we seem to have developed a system of laws, rules, regulations and new customs that basically come together to prevent anything positive from being accomplished. Continue reading

Baghdad Bob working on Trump staff?; more Republican email tidbits; is Flaherty’s campaign running for control of the party?

Trump communications staff


Baghdad Bob, Information Minister/Communications Director

In the early days of the Iraq War in 2003 there was a spokesman for Saddam Hussein who tried to explain how everything was going great for Iraq, even as American tanks approached Baghdad. Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf, the Iraqi Information Minister, became known to Americans as “Baghdad Bob.” Given how Trumpsters constantly glow about how well the disastrously run Trump for President campaign is doing, it looks like Baghdad Bob is living in New York and is employed as communications director for the campaign. Continue reading